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The Ruta Iberica is a project to build an international cycling route from Zaragoza to Lisbon and Sevilla. Together with the route towards Andalucia, from Girona to Sevilla, and it will compose the Vuelta Iberica trail. A connecting route in Aragon, between Morata de Jalon, Alcañiz and Teruel, will make this ‘Vuelta Iberica’ complete.

The route will use as much of the existing Vias Verdes (Spanish Greenways) as possible (Via Verde del Carrillet, Via Verde de la Terra Alta, Via Verde de Sierra de Alcaraz, Via Verde de Ojos Negros, Via Verde de la Sierra, Via Verde de la Campina, Via Verde del Aceite, Via Verde Vegas Guadiana-Villuercas and the Via Verde de la Jara). Next to the designated route you will find a number of old railway-tracks, which could possibly be turned into attractive Vias Verdes (Valladolid – Ariza, Soria – Calatayud, Medina del Campo - Segovia). Old infrastructure could be revitalized into attractive and safe cycle paths.

Along the main route you will find interesting and attractive places like Madrid,Trujillo and Toledo, for which some branch routes will be added. Between Evora and the route to Sevilla, in the Sierra Aracena, another connecting route will be developed for the direct link between Lisbon and Sevilla (known as the ‘Ruta Lusitania’).

The total length of the route between Zaragoza and Sevilla will be 1050 km.

The total length of the route between Zaragoza and Lisbon will be 1150 km.

The full tour of the Vuelta Iberica from Girona to Teruel, Granada, Malaga, Sevilla, Merida, Segovia and back through Aragon to Tortosa in Catalonia will comprise 3000 kilometer.

For a direct access to the tour from the mid-south of France an additional route of 250 km from Pau to Zaragoza will be added to the network.

A full list of accommodation for hotels, hostels and camping sites will be provided in the upcoming years. Next to that, the updated route will provide information for bicycle repair shops, bicycle rentals and the necessary transport facilities to reach bigger cities. It will display the nearby airport facilities and alternative means of transportation for parts of the route people often skip because of lack of time.

The best season for cycling in Spain is from April until mid June and from September until the end of October. In addition, a regional advice may be given for an early start to the cycling season. This trail will be beginning in the south and finishing in the north as there may still be snow in April in the north and it will become quite hot in the south in the beginning of June. In autumn it will be the other way around.

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