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Cycle route through Provence

Description of the cycle guide and route through Provence
Lavender fields, vineyards, chirping crickets, azure blue sea and glorious flowers, they all spring to mind when you think of Provence and the Côte d'Azur. Sitting on village terraces under the shade of plain trees, strolling through beautiful towns such as Avignon, Aix, Nice, Grasse and also delights such as Saint Tropez, Fréjus, Salon, Apt or Menton - this is La Provence. Provence for some evokes images of the hills of Luberon, the Grand Canyon du Verdon and the Gorges du Loup. And of course Mont Ventoux.

Thanks to the mild climate particularly from April to October, Provence is an excellent place for cycling. And with a bit of luck the temperature can reach around 16 degrees in the coastal regions even in February - therefore ideal for cycling.

This guide includes a whole network of cycle routes taking you through most of the high spots in Provence. It also gives you two good connecting routes between Avignon and Nice allowing you to plan your own longer cycle trips through Europe. Thanks to the development of new cycle routes in the province of Luberon, including the coastal cycle path, more than 120 kilometres of traffic-free roads have now been included. And naturally for the remaining routes we have selected the quietest little roads possible. Most of the routes in Provence run over flat countryside and low hills. The little roads we have selected present the cyclist with the least amount of climbing over the hills. Any steeper climbs are usually pretty short. Although it’s a different story for the Grand Canyon du Verdon and the Gorges du Loup. These climbs there are serious, albeit it through breath-taking scenery. This guide gives you 900 kilometres of cycle routes from which you can work out your own preferred route, whether cycling straight through Provence or making a complete round trip of the province.

Some of the parts, such as the coast at Marseille or between St Raphaël and Antibes are not (yet) suitable for cycling. Of course you can jump on the train for these sections and if there is space enough, the bike comes on board free. Travelling by train is cheaper with the regional reduced fare card. The public transport infrastructure is good in Provence. You can travel to Avignon either in the train or on the Flixbus . Nice is reached either by train or aeroplane. Of course you can also cycle. In Avignon the route joins the cycle route from Amsterdam to Barcelona In Nice the route joins the Riviera Route between Basel and Nice.

The shortest route between Avignon and Nice through the mountains is 310 kilometres. The shortest route avoiding the mountains that goes via Aix and Grasse is just eight kilometres longer. A round trip of Provence works out at just over 600 kilometres. We hope you really enjoy the route.


General information

Price: €23,50

Edition/Year of publication: 2nd edition, 2017
Language: Dutch
Distance: 900 kilometres of cycle network, or 630 kilometres for the round trip of Provence for example.
Detailed Maps: 70, scale 1:100.000
City Maps: 8, scale varies
Difficulty rating: easy, with an occasional short climb. Gorges du Verdon is for the more energetic cyclists.

Map samples
Sample pages with detailed maps and height profiles.

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