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Ruta Iberica
Silver route
Transportation from, to and in Ireland

Flying to Ireland is fast and cheap. Taking your bike with you may cause some issues though. Its not very convenient to take a bike with you throughout the airports and you have to keep the costs in mind. That’s the reason why it may be more convenient to travel to Belfast by boat and train. Travelling this way doesn’t just make passage more adventurous, the train journey will also take you through the beautiful highlands of Scotland. On the way back home the trip will take you from Dublin through England.

The ‘Treinreiswinkel’ can offer you an arrangement for a boat/train trip departing from Ijmuiden. From here on the boat will take you to Newcastle. Once you have arrived there you will be travelling through Scotland by train to finally arrive at the ferry that will take you to Belfast. Travelling back the journey will take you from Dublin to Hoek van Holland via Holyhead, London and Harwich. For further information you could visit the "Treinreiswinkel" website.

There is a possibility to fly to Dublin with Ryanair departing from Eindhoven four times a week. Airport Charleroi is also an option, they have the opportunity to fly to Dublin twice a day.

Tips from other cyclists: Go to Duinkerken and take the boat to Dover or Folkestone. From there you will take the train to Liverpool via Londen (retrun ticket). Then you can take the boat to Belfast and go back to Liverpool via Dublin.

Drive to Le Havre by car and then take the boat to Rosslare (return ticket), it is possible to park your car in Le Havre for a long time. From Rosslare you will have to take the bus to New Ross and start cycling from there or go to Belfast via Dublin and then start the trip.

The fastest way to get in Ireland is by plane. With EasyJet you will fly from Amsterdam directly to Belfast, also you could choose to fly to Dublin or Cork with Aerlingus. Aerlingus can also take you to Dublin from Brussels instead of Amsterdam, you could also fly from airport Niederrhein to Shannon with Ryanair. Once you have arrived at the airport of Belfast you have a few options to get to the city centre. The best option is to take the bus to Belfast directly. Another possibility is to cycle to Antrim (9 km) yourself and take the train to Belfast from there. Cycling to Belfast along the main road (30 km) is not recommended. Cycling from Dublin to Belfast would not cause any problems, this route is very well marked for cyclists.

For those who would rather avoid flying there are enough possibilities to travel to Belfast, taking the boat and train would solve your problem. For further information I would recommend you to take a look at the "Treinreiswinkel" website. When travelling within Ireland there should not be any problems taking your cycle with you in the train. Also the busses of Bus Éireann allow you to take your cycle with you, although there has to be enough space for other passengers. The only connections that do cause problems are the train between Dublin and Sligo and the coast line connection between Bray and Dublin.

For train and bus schedules within Ireland you can consult the following websites:

For train and bus schedules in Northern-Ireland please consult:

For boat connection to the Aran Islands visit the website listed below:

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